Ubisoft Reveals Ghost Recon Breakpoint Plans – Project Titan Raid Arriving in December

By Sam Quirke,
It looks like players will finally be able to complete the Ghost Recon Breakpoint achievement list this December. Ubisoft is releasing the required raid just before the end of the year, as part of a wider plan to fix the game — which apparently landed so poorly that the company have had to reshuffle a year's worth of releases and revise down financial projections.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Project Titan Raid Achievement

The updated road map gives a clearer picture of when we can expect the Project Titan Raid — the lack of a raid in game is currently making the below achievement unobtainable. Completionists will only have to wait until early December before they can grab it and get their 100% — perhaps a relief to some who have been vocal about their disappointments with the product as a whole.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointIn the belly of the beastThe In the belly of the beast achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint worth 51 pointsEnter the Raid.

Of course, the release of the Raid is not the core reason this updated roadmap has appeared. The Ghost Recon Breakpoint team takes the opportunity to recognise fan feedback so far and reassures players that developers are committed to making things better, and continuing to support the game into the future as planned with regular updates.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's bugs and crashes are the first priority for the development team, who have already released a patch this month to try and address the most pressing issues. Two more patches, 1.0.3 and, are coming in mid-November and at the end of November respectively. The first deals with issues like drone deployment and night-vision goggles obscuring weapon crosshairs. will apparently bring in some highly requested fixes from the community. In fairness, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint bugs list isn't actually very long, but a few quick and important wins for the development team will hopefully allow them to focus on the more ingrained issues that players have with the game.

One of the biggest criticisms has been around the game's economy — especially the use of microtransactions. While the development team did not address those microtransactions, developers at least admit that there are problems with the economy itself and plan to fix it very soon. The team are also working hard to implement AI teammates — an omission that first raised alarm bells at E3 as fans reacted poorly to the news. Adding in this significant a new feature, one that wasn't originally planned, will obviously take time and resource. The team have yet to confirm a date for their launch.

There's a more philosophical entry towards the end of this update from the team, speaking about "Freedom of Choice" — and this will likely be the biggest challenge on the list. The developers acknowledge that there are ways in which Breakpoint does not deliver on immersion or player choice, locking them in to certain ways of play thanks to elements like the tiered loot system, or the underwhelming impact of new survival mechanics. The team have simply said that they are working on a more "radical" version of Breakpoint to arrive at some point in the future — we're expecting that to come in the form of new difficulty options, either a Hardcore mode or some sort of granular menu allowing the player to adjust different aspects of difficulty. We can only imagine that this is a tough trick to pull post-launch, especially if it wasn't already on the design plan.

The post concludes with the Ghost Recon Team thanking the community and revealing that a survey will be going out to players in the future so they can formally register their feedback and request new features.

The next Ghost Recon Breakpoint patch arrives in mid-November. The first raid, and the first opportunity to get that achievement, arrives in early December.

Source: Ubisoft's Ghost Recon hub

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