Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost Starts Today

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Festival of the Lost kicks off in Destiny 2 today, and Eva Levante has returned to help Guardians celebrate properly. The Tower has been completely redecorated with cobwebs and pumpkins to fit the spirit, but the festival doesn't bring everything to a halt. Guardians will still need to take on the Haunted Forest, with 15 minutes to make it as far as they can against ghouls and fiends, and whatever else lies within.

A quest leads players to the Tower Courtyard, where they can speak with her to begin. Completing bounties and activities rewards players with Chocolate Strange Coins, which can be used to get Festival-themed ornaments for their masks. Bungie say all players can join in, but that New Light players must be at 770 power and have escaped the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower. There are two versions of the Haunted Forest, both with minimum recommended power 750: Haunted Forest, the standard version with matchmaking, and Firewalled Haunted Forest, where matchmaking is disabled. Both versions will reward Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, which can be handed in to Eva for festival rewards such as bounties and masks. Eva's masks include the Hidden Swarm Mask, Goblin Mask, Mithrax Mask, Opulent Calus Mask, and Drifter Mask. Candy can also be used for Mystery Grab Bags or put towards the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle.

Festival of the Lost Masks

The Festival of the Lost also has various Triumphs:

  • Days of the Dead: Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs.
  • Still Not Scared: Defeat Terrors in the Haunted Forest.
  • A Frightening Power: Acquire the exclusive Festival of the Lost 2019 weapon.
  • Master of Disguise: Acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks.
  • Strange Times: Collect Chocolate Strange Coins during Festival of the Lost 2019.
  • Sweet Tooth: Collect candy during Festival of the Lost 2019.
  • Bountiful: Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 bounties.
  • Sweet Surprise: Purchase Festival of the Lost 2019 Grab Bags from Eva Levante.
  • A Brilliant Smile: Brush your teeth
  • And one [REDACTED]
Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost runs until November 19th.

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