World War Z's Kill it with Fire Update is Out Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
World War Z's "Kill it With Fire" update goes live today; the first for the game's second season. There's two new missions; "Dead in the Water" and "Resurrection", as well as a new Flamethrower heavy weapon and a Halloween trinket.

The biggest addition included with Kill it With Fire are the missions, which continue the story of the survivors based in Moscow and New York.

Dead in the Water: This is New York Chapter 4. The survivors will attempt to reach Canada on a tugboat. As shown in the trailer below, the mission description is as follows: "Out of gas and stranded on the Hudson, four survivors must leave the safety of their boat in search of a new escape plan from a war-torn and zeke-infested town".

Resurrection: This is Moscow Chapter 4. Set a few days after the end of Chapter 3, after the nerve gas has been released, and the survivors realise they must rescue themselves. As shown in the trailer below, the mission description is as follows: "After five days of waiting for rescue from the bunker, the survivors conclude that they've been abandoned. They head into the tunnel system, well aware that their chances of survival are only slightly better than the certain death of starvation."

The flamethrower has been added, along with prestige ranks and rewards. After reaching level 30 in any class, players can prestige; reducing the level back to one. In exchange, players get prestige weapon skins, portrait frames, and perks, which show off their rank. There's also the option to enable mutators in private lobbies, and there will apparently be a "Halloween surprise": a Halloween trinket given to players who take part in at least one match before November 5th. The update also removed the 4 skulls "VERY HARD" difficulty, and instead made the HARD difficulty harder, whilst making INSANE easier.

Focus Home Interactive say Horde Mode Z and PvE crossplay support, as well as a new Zombie, will be coming later this year, and we'll be sure to keep you updated about these. Check out the Kill it With Fire update trailer to find out more:

World War Z
World War Z

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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