Dragon Age 4 Will Not Be Released Until At Least April 2022

By Sean Carey,
EA has provided more information on BioWare's upcoming entry into the Dragon Age series; however, it's not good news for those who were hoping to play a new Dragon Age anytime soon, or indeed anything new from BioWare.

Responding to an investor question about BioWare's future in an EA earnings call, the publisher confirmed the game is still in production. However, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said the title "probably comes after fiscal '22". This means that the earliest we might get a new Dragon Age game is April 2022. Seeing as the investor asked what BioWare were working on in general, Jorgensen's reponse seems to confirm that there won't be anything else from BioWare in the meantime either — some small hope, perhaps, that all efforts are focused on making Dragon Age 4 a success.

A new Dragon Age game was initially teased back at last year's 2018 Game Awards in the form of a minute-long teaser trailer, since then we haven't heard much else. It's a long-awaited follow up in BioWare's fantasy series. After negative fan reactions to Mass Effect 3 and just about everyone's negative reaction to Andromeda, not to mention a disastrous response to Anthem this year, BioWare's remaining fans hold a candle up to Dragon Age. It has been five years already since the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the series; a long time to wait already, especially since the character teased in the Game Awards trailer is narratively connected to the previous game.

BioWare are currently very quiet, with no release window for Dragon Age and no other projects on the cards. They are assumed to still be supporting Anthem in some capacity.

Players who missed out on the Dragon Age fuss can currently check out the whole series on EA Access: Inquisition is available on Xbox One, while both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are available on Xbox One as part of the now depreciated Backward Compatibility programme.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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