Halloween in Gears 5: Mad Man's Monsters

By Heidi Nicholas,
Halloween continues in Gears 5 with the addition of the Mad Man's Monsters Horde event. The Horde event comes with the opportunity to earn 13 Halloween-themed weapon skins.

Gears 5 Halloween

It's a 20 wave Horde event, where COG Heroes go head to head with Swarm enemies wearing Juvie Pumpkin Heads, Frankenstein's Imago, and Sires. If players complete 60 waves of Mad Man's Monsters, they'll get 13 Jack-O-Lantern weapon skins, such as the Jack-O-Lantern Retro Lancer shown above.

Pumpkin Ball is still running alongside Mad Man's Monsters. Pumpkin Ball is a zombie-Pumpkin fused mashup, in which players who are down but not out (DBNO) will self-revive at once, unless players aim for their head or manage to blow them apart. There's also big Juvie Pumpkin Heads, to make sure no players forget which season it is. Completing 13 Pumpkin Ball matches gets players the Frankenstein Imago character skin. Gears 5's Halloween content looks much the same to that of Gears 4. Gears 4 also had pumpkin heads, Pumpkin Ball, and a PvE Horde event titled Monster Mash. Both Pumpkin Ball and Mad Man's Monsters run until November 4th.

This info comes in Gears 5's "What's Up" blog, which also has details on this week's escape hive, titled Forever. The enemies for this escape hive are able to cloak when they get close to players, and will be "constantly changing". This hive event also ends on November 4th. The blog also addresses Title Update 2.

The update hasn't entered Certification yet and so some details may change, but The Coalition say the update focuses on a range of improvements and fixes. They're looking to address several issues, such as Flashbangs hitting players even when they're under cover, improvements for the Boomshot, and a fix for an issue where the Weapon's Locker "ate" weapons. This Title Update 2 is planned for next week.

Next week should bring us details about the Gears Anniversary events and a glimpse of Operation 2, and we'll be sure to keep you updated about what to expect for the future of Gears 5.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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