EA Have No Plans to Monetize VOLTA Coins in FIFA 20 This Year

By Sam Quirke,
While you're on your way to a 100% completion on the FIFA 20 achievements list, which includes maxing your VOLTA avatar rating, you're probably managing to earn a bunch of VOLTA Coins, which can be used in turn to buy in-game cosmetics for your character. Given that the VOLTA Coin payout can lead to a bit of a grind, this seems like a perfect way for EA to start monetizing, buy offering VOLTA Coin bundles for real cash. Yet EA have continued to express no interest in monetizing FIFA 20's VOLTA Coins in today's quarterly earnings call with investors.

VOLTA Tokyo Rooftop Court

Players earn VOLTA Coins in FIFA 20 by playing matches, either online or against AI-controlled teams. There's a bonus if you win the match, and a bigger bonus if you win a tournament. If they're earned during a Story Mode match the bonus is even higher. Competing in the VOLTA League is particualrly lucrative if you're looking to earn VOLTA Coins. But there's one surprising way in which you cannot earn yourself a quick VOLTA Coin stash — there's no way to purchase a stack of Coins with real-world currency.

That's not shocking for those that follow along with FIFA news, as EA specifically said that VOLTA would not feature microtransactions at the game's launch. However it was still a surprise to hear CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO/COO Blake Jorgensen confirm that there are no plans to start rolling out real-cash currency exchanges in the next financial year — which effectively represents the bulk of FIFA 20's life cycle, assuming another annual iteration is released next September. While this might in part have something to do with all of the negative press EA have gotten for microtransaction practices in the past, the executives pointed more to the fact that VOLTA is a path for players to get into the game, just like The Journey has been in past iterations of the series. Specifically, it gets players invested in the game to the point where they want to start interacting with their friends, which naturally leads to the biggest EA SPORTS cash cow of them all — Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team still sees obscene amounts of growth year on year — Madden saw a 20% increase in Ultimate Team players year on year, while FIFA saw 22% . It's effectively a trading card game, though in reality it has become a highly lucrative and ocassionally volatile currency in its own right. With growth continuing in FUT, yet somehow escaping the ire of the press and the average gamer, EA likely don't see the point in pulling on the thread by earning some moderate amount from VOLTA Coins.

Another reasonably lucrative opportunity is just around the corner for FIFA 20 — the annual esports tournament is back in the form of the FIFA 20 Global Series. Last year's equivalent saw 800 million minutes of FIFA esports content consumed — with big sponsors like Adidas on board for this year's Series, it seems that EA are looking forward to another lucrative FIFA cycle well into 2021.

FIFA 20 is available now on Xbox One.


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