TrueAchievements Extra Life 2019 – Help us Raise Money for Charity!

By Heidi Nicholas,
Extra Life is upon us, and our Extra Life Team members have already begun raising money for charity. Sean and I are both new to Extra Life, and will be taking part during the week over on our TrueGaming Network Mixer channel. Over the weekend, we'll be hosting a variety of our TA community members, including Sean, who will be streaming on Sunday.

Extra Life

On Friday, I will be doing a five hour stream from our Bournemouth office on our TrueGaming Network Mixer channel. I still can't make my mind up on exactly what I'll be playing; maybe a bit of Resident Evil 4, to keep in theme with this week's Halloween streams. When I get too scared, I'll probably swap over to some ID favourites from the year — The Outer Wilds, Obra Dinn, or maybe Bad North. I'll be starting at around 11am UK time, and stopping at 4pm.
We'll hand over to some of our community members from there, hosting throughout Saturday, the official Extra Life marathon day.

Meanwhile on Saturday, Sean is settling in for a 24 hour stream, and he knows exactly what he'll be playing: all three episodes of The Long Dark. He'll be starting at midnight on Saturday, and finishing at midnight on Sunday. He's got a streaming setup at home and will be streaming on his own Mixer channel - we'll host him along with the community on the team channel, too. Tune in to help him as he struggles through the wild!

We'll be hosting a variety of folks from the TA community who are joining us for the event! You can keep up with everyone taking part over on our Extra Life hub, where you can see participants, their donation pages and their stream links. Give if you can, support and share if you can't!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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