Marvel's Avengers: A-Day, Customisation, and Hero Missions

By Heidi Nicholas,
Crystal Dynamics have released a wave of information about their upcoming superhero game, Marvel's Avengers. This information comes via a Game Overview trailer, which goes into detail about the story, single-player and multiplayer, customisation and post-launch content.

First, the story. We knew already that the Avengers game was set in the aftermath of A-Day, when the world decided it no longer wanted superheroes. This trailer builds upon that. A-Day was meant to be a celebration of the opening of the Avengers West Coast headquarters, and to unveil their Terrigen crystal reactor. Yet an explosion takes place during A-Day, which the Avengers are blamed for. Public opinion turns hard against them, and they're forced to disband. Five years later, it's a different world. Superheroes are outlawed. But they leave a vacuum behind them, and a new organisation has grown to fill it; Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). AIM promises to protect the world in place of the Avengers, teaching that a safer world can be achieved through science. They've replaced the Avengers with "advanced synthoid AI". There's a conspiracy against the Avengers and Kamala Khan, a huge Avengers fan, sets out to bring them back together and prove they're innocent. Players will begin by establishing a base in an abandoned Helicarrier, which can be upgraded throughout the story. Missions can be launched from the War Table in the Helicarrier, and there are two kinds:

Hero missions: single player Campaign missions, which are apparently meant to feature the skills of specific heroes as you work to reassemble the team. The trailer shows an example of a campaign mission, titled "Breakout": "Dr. Pym has identified the location of an AIM holding facility. The Avengers need to go in and break out captured Resistance fighters before they're moved to a new location".

Warzone missions: these can be played as single player, or online in teams of up to four, where the player can play as any Hero in their roster.

There'll be a huge range of outfits for the heroes, both new and old, inspired by Marvel's 80 year history. These outfits will apparently be cosmetic only, and won't affect gameplay. In an interview for the PlayStation blog, Noah Hughes, the Studio Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics, said that there's "no loot boxes, no pay-to-win, you’re not going to be paying money to beat the game or be better at the game". Whilst each hero has its own distinct style of combat, the gear and skills chosen by the player will allow for more flexibility. Each hero will have Heroic moves, an intrinsic ability, combo systems, and move sets. Meanwhile, any post-launch content such as new heroes or regions will apparently be available to all players who own the base game at no additional cost.

Marvel's Avengers customisation

Hughes himself is currently enjoying playing as Black Widow, saying he loves “her agility and combos. Black Widow’s grapple allows her to zip around, she’s got pistols which give her really good range, and she’s got Widow’s Bite and various equipment as some of her specials". He says that her gauntlets also have special attacks, and she also has her tonfa, which can be combined into a bo staff. Hughes says there should be more detail on co-op gameplay early next year.

Marvel's Avengers releases on 15th May 2020.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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