Gears 5 Rank Reset Happening This Week, The Coalition Seek to Fix the Ranking System

By Heidi Nicholas,
UPDATE: The Coalition say Title Update 2 will be launching tomorrow, November 7th at 8am PT. A few hours later, they'll follow the Title Update with a server side update for the Golden Gun event. The Coalition don't mention the Rank reset specifically, but as they previously said it'll happen "in conjunction with the launch of Title Update 2", it's safe to assume it'll also be tomorrow.

Original story:
The Coalition have announced a fix for the Ranking system issues in Gears 5. The fix for the issue, which includes wiping all Skill Points, will roll out this week.

On their site, The Coaltion had this set as a "very high" priority issue. The issue itself was that skill points weren't working properly; they were incorrect and didn't represent a player's performance, so that players would be seeing a drastic upswing or downswing in rank which didn't match what it should have been. Some players got "stuck" in Silver, and some were not being placed in the correct rank. The fix for this issue will roll out with Title Update 2. It involves doing a mid-season reset of all ranks; essentially, wiping all Skill Points. Players will then need to replay the required placement matches for playlists before being able to gain a Rank.

Many players reached their ranks through grinding, and some won't be happy to see all their Skill Points wiped. But The Coalition address this, saying: "We know this move may upset some of you, but it’s necessary in order to achieve the long-term positive experience we all expect from Ranked. This is a critical step in our ongoing work to make Ranked the best it possibly can be." In return, they're giving all players the Blood Moon Imago Character Skin for free.

Blood Moon Imago Character Skin

To get the skin, players must log in after Title Update 2 has gone out, and before the current Operation ends. The Coalition don't say exactly when Title Update 2, or the Rank reset, will take place, but we know it will be sometime this week. We'll be sure to keep you informed with Gears 5 news, and to update you when we know the date for the reset.

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