Apex Legends Adds a Firing Range and a Limited Time Duos Mode

By Sam Quirke,
If you want to finish the Apex Legends achievements list, you can't really avoid trying out a variety of the game's available Legends. If you have been struggling to get ahead with any particular Legend, this latest patch might suit you — Apex Legends' new Firing Range will allow players to practice with different Legends, items and weapons. The patch also heralded the start of the limited-time Duos mode too.

The Firing Range added with Apex Legends Patch 3.1 can be entered solo or with a squad. Players can change to any Legend they like to make use of their abilities and ultimates. Anything you can loot in the game can be found in the firing range, from weapons to attachments to hop-ups. Target dummies will allow players to practice their precision, but according to at least one Redditor, you can't engage in a little improvised 1v1 with your squad: there's no friendly fire in the firing range.

Elsewhere in the patch, the Wingman's headshot multiplier has been slightly reduced. Projectile width has been increased on some weapons so they are easier to use successfully — this was already applied to the TripleTake in Season 2, and with Patch 3.1 the same tweak will be applied to Shotguns, the L-STAR, the Longbow DMR, the Kraber, and the G7 Scout.

Daily Challenges have had a tweak to improve daily balance. Players are guaranteed to receive one easy, one medium and one hard challenge every day. Not only that, but players can now spend Legend Tokens to reroll Daily Challenges. Multiple re-rolls will cost more Tokens — 200 for the first, 500 for the second and 1000 for three re-rolls. Subsequent re-rolls will continue to cost 1000, though the cost resets every day. As one Redditor has already discovered, re-roll really does mean re-roll; at the time of writing it appears possible to be served exactly the same Challenge as the one you just paid to swap out, though we reckon this might get a tweak in the future.

Minor flow tweaks and bug stomps have been implemented to make matchmarking smoother. Players will know exactly what ammo to seek out for their squad now that ammo types are shown against squad mates' chosen weapons in the inventory menu. There's a new way to access the quip wheel too, by holding down on the D-Pad.

Finally, there's one tweak for players stuck waiting for a respawn — if players have been waiting for over two minutes and thirty seconds for their respawn after their banner was picked up, they are free to leave the match without incurring an abandon penalty. New "Leave Match" text will let players know whether they are at risk of a penalty or not.

The full patch notes can be found below. While Apex Legends is free-to-play, naturally there are various ways in which you can spend a little money — you can check out all of the various editions and add-ons with our Apex Legends price tracker.

Source: Reddit

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