Minecraft Earth is Available in the UK Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Minecraft fans with iOS or Android can get started on Minecraft Earth now, with Early Access. Early Access includes new features that haven't yet been played in the closed beta, such as Adventures and new mobs. Early Access for Minecraft Earth isn't available everywhere yet, but it is currently available in the UK, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland. Mojang say they'll be updating the list of available countries in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on their website if you're still waiting.

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a game with the intent of bringing Minecraft into our world. Players can build things together with their friends, and see them appear life-size before them. Minecraft Earth will attempt to transform the world around the player; ore deposits beneath their feet, mobs in the wild around them, skeletons running loose in the park. In Early Access, players can start out with Adventures. Adventures are a survival type of gameplay, and can be seen popping up on the map. It's about exploring, and Mojang say it's not certain what you'll find. It could just be chopping down trees, or else venturing underground to find treasure, or fighting skeletons in the park. There's also tappables, where players can get mobs, blocks, and items of different value. These items can then be used on Buildplates, to create life-sized scenes. There'll be crafting and smelting, and new mobs, such as the Muddy Pig, Moobloom, Cluckshroom, and the newly announced Jumbo Rabbit. You'll even be able to be a mob in Minecraft Earth; "the Mob of Me" feature in Tappables allows players to customize mobs and put them on a Buildplate, as well as invite others to put their Mobs of Me alongside them.

Minecraft Earth revolves around two Microsoft technologies: Azure PlayFab and Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA). The first helps with features such as buildplates; the second deals with augmented reality.

Oddly, there aren't any achievements for Minecraft Earth — yet. This would be pretty strange if it remained the case, when considering the number of platforms the Minecraft series has spread across — and most variations, including mobile ports, have had Xbox achievements. But since this is still Early Access, it's possible we could be seeing achievements in the future. Minecraft Earth requires an Xbox Live account after all, and makes use of all the other features of the service — single sign-in, privacy controls, and potentially shared cosmetics across Minecraft variants. To make use of Xbox Live but not include a unique achievement list would be an unusual move.

If you're looking to get on Early Access, check Minecraft's website to see where to go for iOS and Android, and to check the list of countries available. Mojang say if you're on the App Store and aren't seeing it, it's worth checking back later.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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