Mad Games Tycoon Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Mad Games Tycoon Achievement list.

There are 39 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Mad Games Tycoon

Name Description Gamerscore
Knights & Dragons Develop an Role Playing Game. 20
That is a lot of work Create a game for four platforms. 30
I'm the worst! Develop the worst game of the year. 20
Retro Develop an arcade game. 20
Mad Games Convention Show your games on the "Mad Games Convention". 20
Goal! Develop a sports game. 20
A great game concept Develop a game with a good genre combination. 20
Fanboys Have at least 1,000,000 fans. 20
That's impossible Develop a game with a rating of 100%. 40
It's even better? Received a rating of at least 95%. 20
That is huge! Buy the largest building. 20
I prefer to develop engines! Develop an engine. 20
Lemmings Hire at least 100 employees. 20
I am the best! Become a developer of the year. 30
A great honor! Receive the award "Game of the Year". 30
I'm rich! Sell at least 1,000,000 units of a game. 20
That's an incredible amount! Sell at least 10,000,000 units of a game. 30
Everyone has my game! Sell at least 30,000,000 units of a game. 40
Monopoly Buy all developers. 30
You're very pretty! Get a graphic rating of 90% or more. 20
Mozart Get a sound rating of 90% or more. 20
Joystick, keyboard, mouse Get a controls rating of 90% or more. 20
Boom! Develop a First Person Shooter. 20
Lights, camera, action! Develop an interactive movie. 20
Turn-based Develop a strategy game. 20
Trendsetter Develop a game that sets a new trend. 20
I do not need publishers Produce and sell a game. 20
We play together! Develop a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. 40
Games are not enough! Develop your own game console. 30
Market leader Sell at least 50 million units from a single game console. 40
I am a legend Have more than one billion dollars. (Difficulty: Legendary) 40
We're growing bigger! Hire at least 50 employees. (Difficulty: Hard) 30
The cake is a lie Develop a puzzle game. (Difficulty: Hard) 30
The conformist Publish a game that follows a trend. (Difficulty: Hard) 30
There's always a bigger fish Buy one developer. (Difficulty: Hard) 30
High tech Create an engine with all features. (Difficulty: Hard) 40
Mission accomplished! Create a game for a publisher. 20
Not so humble (bundle) Create and sell a games bundle. 20
Remarketing Create and sell a budget game. 20
Mad Games Tycoon is developed by Eggcode and published by Toplitz Productions.

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