Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.07 Update Addresses Loud Footsteps, Claymores and More

By Sean Carey,
A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to be released that addresses a number of issues including, weapon tuning, footstep sounds and changes to claymores. Infinity Ward's senior communications manager Ashton Williams posted a tweet confirming the update is "rolling out over the next few days".

We don't have an official patch note list as of yet, but co-design director for multiplayer Joe Cecot has hinted at what's to be expected. Footsteps have already had an update in Modern Warfare, but it looks like they will be getting another fix.

Players have also found that the 725 shotgun in the game is significantly overpowered and have been using it as a sniper rifle — even attaching a scope to the weapon. The video below is uploaded by Redditor U/TmuIIz, and it shows the player getting a headshot with the shotgun from an outrageously long distance away.

I believe that I have just hit the longest shotgun shot in call of duty history from r/modernwarfare

Fans have been calling for a fix and even asked Williams on twitter if Infinity Ward intends to bring an update to the 725 shotgun in the latest patch, Williams replied, "If testing goes well, yes". Hopefully, a fix to the 725 will be included in this update.

Data miners have recently dug through the game's code and found that Modern Warfare could possibly be getting around 40 new maps and 23 new game modes. Although nothing yet has been confirmed by Infinity Ward.

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