Streaming Today: Surviving the Aftermath and Children of Morta

By Heidi Nicholas,
Join us over on the TrueGaming Network Mixer channel from 5pm to 7pm GMT for today's stream, where we'll be managing a post-apocalyptic colony in Surviving: the Aftermath, before taking the Bergsons to fight the Corruption in Children of Morta. We'll be giving away free ID@Xbox game codes too!

Surviving: the Aftermath

It's a post-apocalyptic future where resources are few and the colonists look to you to protect them. We'll be in charge of building a colony where the people can survive in the face of every danger the end of the world has to offer them. Everything from farming and resource collection to exploring the wasteland and protecting the colony will need to be taken in hand. Reminiscent of Frostpunk, the game will ask the player to make moral choices — such as how to deal with the straggling survivors which come to the colony begging for some of their precious resources.

Children of Morta

The Bergson family are the guardians of the Mountain Morta of Rea. The mountain is being taken over by Corruption, and Children of Morta is about their quest to save it, and their ties as a family. Each family member has their own personality and combat style, making them unique as guardians, and formidable as a team. They’ll also be relying on the wisdom of their Grandma Margaret, the seer, and their Uncle Ben, the blacksmith, as they set out on their quest.The goal is to return the land to peace, and figure out what caused the Corruption, and what introduced it to the peaceful land.

Join us from 5 PM GMT over on the TrueGaming Network Mixer channel.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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