Ghost Recon Breakpoint's November Roadmap Introduces New Missions

By Heidi Nicholas,
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint hasn't exactly had the smoothest of releases, receiving mixed or lukewarm reviews. Our own reviewer gave it a 3/5, stating that the game lacked anything of substance. Ubisoft stated their commitment to the franchise, and highlight the November roadmap.

November roadmap

Ubisoft's "Moving Forward" letter addressed the uneven response, saying the "first few weeks have been rougher than expected", but that they're "committed to improving it". They're planning for the game's future, saying "We are dedicated to supporting Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the long term with plenty of post-launch content and special events to keep the world constantly growing and evolving." We know the Project Titan Raid would be arriving next month in December, making the "In the belly of the beast" achievement obtainable, but Ubisoft's November roadmap clarifies what we can expect sooner.

Title Update 1. 0. 3 will release next week on November 12th, aiming to fix issues involving drone deployment, fire rate, and Mission Completion notifications. Ubisoft also tease the cover switch, night vision goggles, and stamina changes, showing a new version of stamina which appeared to drain more slowly and regenerate faster, making the status bar disappear quickly. There'll also be two new narrative faction missions every three weeks, which will make up an overarching story. On November 12th, there'll be two missions, the completion of which will award battle points:

A Deadly Trap: "A strain of virus is set to hit the island and put Erewhon at risk. Your mission will be to help Homesteaders to prepare and gather enough supplies to survive the attack."

Whistleblower: "A list of potential rebels has leaked from Sentinel and their names have been put on a priority hit list. Your mission will be to cover their tracks and help them escape to reach the Outcasts."

Starting tomorrow, Ubisoft will also begin a Community Survey to allow players to voice how they want Ghost Recon Breakpoint's future to look. After these November updates, the next new content will be the Project Titan Raid and the Terminator Live Event in December.

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