Age of Empires Twitter Account Teases Age of Mythology Announcement

By Heidi Nicholas,
Age of Mythology took its Atlantean hero Arkantos all over the world, from Troy to Egypt and the Norselands, and even the Underworld, interacting with Egyptian and Norse mythology, and fighting their creatures of legend. It was an instant fan-favourite. With Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Win 10) releasing next week, fans have been wondering whether there would ever be similar news for Age of Mythology, either as a sequel, definitive edition, or remake. Now, it seems that Age of Mythology could indeed have something promising in its future:

The Age of Empires Twitter account has added fresh fuel to the rumour fire, saying that whilst AOE II: DE is "certainly in the spotlight", they haven't forgotten about the AoM fans. This isn't the first hint that they're not done with AoM. PC Gamer has quoted AoE creative director Adam Isgreen talking about all the possibilities for AoM. "Do we just do a definitive version of it," he says, "or do we do something grander with it, rebooting it or taking it in a new direction? There are so many opportunities that I see with Mythology, I just don't know what we're going to do yet. We're going to think it through. We want to make our fans happy, and if the fans want us to do a definitive version, we'll heavily consider going in that direction."

This certainly sounds promising, especially for a possible reboot or even a new take on the game. Even though Isgreen says they'll be inclined to follow fan wishes regarding a definitive version, the fact that he refers to it as "just" doing a definitive version, and the fact that he's clearly so enthusiastic about the game, could bode well for the "something grander" he was talking about. AoM came out in 2002, getting its first expansion, "The Titans", a year after. Its only other expansion, "Tale of the Dragon", came out fourteen years later in 2016. Aside from that, AoM only had its Extended Edition, including the Titans expansion, in 2014, so there's a lot of room to do something with the game, whether a reboot, a new direction, or even a definitive edition with new campaigns like AoE. Overall, AoM hasn't had much attention, and its fans definitely have more than enough enthusiasm to warrant taking the game in a completely new direction.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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