UPDATE: Gears 5 Title Update 2 is Now Live — Rank Reset Delayed

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: The Coalition has announced that the Ranked Season reset and the Ranked improvements deployment will now happen on Wednesday, November 13, not today as previously expected.

Title Update 2 for Gears 5 is now live. The update fixes a number of known gameplay bugs and issues and also includes a mid-season reset of all ranks — all Skill Points will be wiped, and all players will need to replay the five placement matches before gaining a new rank.

In the patch notes for the update, The Coalition has described the Ranked experience as a "frustrating experience so far" acknowledging many of the tracking problems players have been facing. An issue was discovered that caused a discrepancy between a player's Skill Point rating and their actual Skill Rating, which "resulted in dramatic point swings seen in the post-match flow." A fix has rolled out with Title Update 2, but it means that all Ranks and Skill Points will be reset. Players will also have to replay five placement matches. As compensation, players will get the Blood Moon Imago Skin for free. To get the skin, you will need to log in to Gears 5 from when the patch goes live to the end of the current Operation.

Blood Moon Imago Character Skin

The Golden Gun event from Gears 4 is also making a comeback to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary since the release of the original Gears of War. Golden Gun gives all players a six-round Boltok that one-hit kills anyone it hits. However, you can only fire from the hip. If you hit an enemy, you'll be rewarded immediately with a bullet back in the chamber, if you don't you'll have to spend a long time reloading.

There will also be a Free Boost and Double Star Weekend starting Friday, November 8 until Monday, November 11. Anyone who logs in on November 8 will be given three days of Boost for free and an even-exclusive COG Tag Bloodspray.

We've included the full list of patch notes below:

  • Improved the consistency of the Boomshot with changes to the behaviour of the secondary ‘bomblets’
  • Flashbangs will no longer affect players through cover
  • Full fix for the drop weapon exploit, including re-enabling weapon drops
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be perma-flashed in a match
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Enemies in Escape to sometimes be unaffected by Flashes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Weapon’s Locker to eat weapons in certain circumstances
  • Added a new check to prevent players using certain low covers to shoot through walls, ignoring muzzle block
  • Resolved an issue causing the Gnasher to have bullet magnetism while ADS when Aim Assist is disabled
  • If no users vote for a map in Quickplay, the next choice will now default to a different map on the same mode rather than the same map
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to have to wait a couple of seconds before being able to reload when Hijacking a Boomshot Scion
  • Power granted at the start of the Horde match is no longer applied as Power Gained in Tour
  • Sarah Connor: Enemies can now be gibbed when in one-shot range using her Ultimate
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemy AI to teleport and ‘double vault’ if their vault is countered
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Scions to have a fully black model after being killed in Escape
  • Players can no longer share Power with AI teammates
  • Total Enemies Killed stat for Campaign now tracks correctly
  • Escape Leaderboards no longer show ‘Top 0%’
  • Resolved a state where audio could be lost in Act 4 in 3 player co-op
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes
The Coalition is currently working on its biggest update yet for Gears 5 which is coming December with the launch of Operation 2.

Source: Gears 5

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