Take-Two Celebrate The Outer Worlds in Successful Earnings Quarter

By Sam Quirke,

Around here we're more interested in The Outer Worlds Xbox achievements than it's financial ones, but Take-Two are certainly celebrating its suprising success via their latest earnings call – even though it's too early for Private Division's parent company to divulge numbers.

Private Division, the publishing arm responsible for The Outer Worlds as well as Kerbal Space Program and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, enjoyed a whole section of the investor call singing their praises. What will be telling is how well Private Division continue to perform with their other titles, as of course Obsidian, the developers of The Outer Worlds, are now an Xbox Games Studio. Early reactions to Ancestors on PC have been disappointing, but perhaps the game can redeem itself on console when it launches next month.

Rockstar continue to do no wrong, as Take-Two record preposterous shipments for their 6-year-old Grand Theft Auto V — 115 million in total now, worldwide — and steady profits from microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online. Borderlands 3 has "sold in" 7 million units — that refers to how many copies were sold to retailers, rather than consumer sales, so it's an interesting distinction to be made. NBA 2K20 has sold almost 6 million units since its release. In an otherwise highly positive call, executives briefly reflected on their WWE 2K20 disappointments. Though the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC launch has been equally plagued by severe crashes and bugs, it looks like patches are already on the way out – so Take-Two had nothing damning to say about the release.

It's good news all around for Take-Two, but it's also great news for Microsoft – by all accounts the rights to The Outer Worlds stayed with Obsidian rather than their publishers, and Microsoft now own Obsidian. It's a great excuse for Obsidian to immediately start asking for a decent budget for their next project as well – the studio has significantly raised the reputational stock of the Xbox Game Studios concept, even though their big hit wasn't a Microsoft production.

Heidi was very pleased with the game in her 4.5/5 The Outer Worlds Xbox One review, and generally speaking the community love it too. Its recent release missed the cut-off for our best games on Xbox Game Pass list, but it'll likely get added soon.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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