The Outer Worlds' Patch Will Fix the Tiny Text Issue

By Heidi Nicholas,

The Outer Worlds has proved highly popular since its release, and has been impressively non-buggy. The only minor issues were a miniscule font size, which made subtitles and conversations quite hard to read without squinting, a crashing issue, and an issue where companions would die on modes other than Supernova. Companions are only supposed to die permanently on Supernova mode, so having this happen on other difficulties could be frustrating, especially when it caused companion quests to fail. Luckily, Obsidian are releasing Patch 1. 1. 1. 0 sometime next week to fix the game's few issues.

The patch notes inform spacers that the patch is still in the testing phase, but, barring any unexpected issues, it should roll out sometime next week. The issues to be addressed aside from the font size and dying companions are the crashing issue in Tartarus, and the bug causing players to be unable to finish the "Radio Free Monarch" quest. For PS4 players, there'll also be fixes for the issue causing the "Not the Best Choice" trophy to fail to unlock properly, as well as for the muffled sound effects. Fans have been quick to praise the game in response, pleased that it has so few issues, although some have questioned whether the font size will only affect conversations and subtitles. The text can be quite small in other places, such as in-game menus, and so hopefully the text change will also affect that.

The fix for companion perma-death occurring on difficulties other than Supernova will be very helpful, and will unlock a range of quests which would otherwise have been instantly closed off. Also, it means nothing bad can happen to Parvati, which is a big plus. Overall, fans seem to be very pleased with the update, as it shows how closely developers have been listening to player feedback; text size was one of the few issues players had raised about the game. Obsidian have also included a link in the patch notes to their Technical Support forums to indicate where players can take any further concerns. They finish the notes with a thank you: "Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and we are so grateful to have you all here with us."

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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