Stranded Deep Pushed Back to Early Next Year

By Heidi Nicholas,
Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep hasn't had the easiest path to releasing on consoles. It was initially planned for October 2018, but TellTale Games entered into liquidation the week before it was meant to release, and the game's future was thrown into floundering uncertainty. Beam Team Games are now saying it could be arriving next year, as early as January or February:

Beam Team had hoped to see it release before the end of this year, but there were several issues which made that impossible. Beam Team say the title of Stranded Deep was registered to the old publisher, and they've now got to work on having it transferred back to them. The game itself is apparently doing well, with final QA meant to start soon, but Beam Team say that the minimum time required for this, coupled with the third party issues, are making it impossible to meet their intended deadline.

Stranded Deep's premise is fittingly simple for a survival game. The player is, presumably, the sole survivor of a plane crash, which strands them somewhere far across the Pacific Ocean. But there's nothing simple about surviving in the wilderness. The player must craft, scavenge, and explore the vast ocean around them. There's all the dangers that come with living in the wilderness and being surrounded by sea water, and sharks feature heavily in the trailer. They're an even bigger threat when considering that the player only has a raft and to explore on. The difference between this and other survival games seems to be that surviving isn't the only end goal; the player can also apparently take the survivor home.

The new January/February timeframe is still pretty tenuous, with Beam Team saying that's what they're "hoping" for, if everything goes well with QA and with their third party issues. This release date could still change, but hopefully we could be seeing Stranded Deep as early as January.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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