Infinity Ward Set to Nerf Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's 725 Shotgun for a Second Time

By Sean Carey,
The ongoing drama around the 725 shotgun isn't going to affect anyone purely aiming to complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Achievements list, as that is mainly single-player focused. However, the weapon is still causing real problems in the multiplayer community. Infinity Ward is pushing out another update for that further nerfs the ridiculously overpowered weapon – which some players have attached a scope to, using it as a sniper rifle.

I believe that I have just hit the longest shotgun shot in call of duty history from r/modernwarfare

The 725 received a nerf in an update last week that added two new maps and the game mode Hardpoint. However, although the effective range of the 725 has decreased dramatically, players are still calling for the weapon to be nerfed further, and the last update hasn't done anything to dissuade the rampant use of the weapon.

Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward's co-design director of multiplayer, said in a tweet that another fix is coming which "should massage out the rare very long shot." After the update, the 725 should hopefully work more like a shotgun, compared to a rifle.

In reply to a tweet about guns being downgraded too far, Cecot said that Infinity Ward is being "careful to retain the soul of the 725" and that they had no plans to remove the shotgun from the game. Cecot has not given a date for when the fix will be going live.

We have already had two new maps and the multiplayer mode Hardpoint added to the game, and it's highly likely we will be getting more. A data-miner has dug through the game's code and found a total of 48 maps and 23 game modes hidden away in the PC files of Modern Warfare. It's unclear if we will be getting all of those maps and modes, or if just a selection will be made available. Infinity Ward is yet to confirm anything about the rumour.

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