Rockstar Are Hiring for Next-Gen Open World Games

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The games of the Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto series are some of the most popular of this generation, so when it comes out that Rockstar are hiring for open world, character-based games, it must be something big. Job listings over at Rockstar's site have some hints about what could be coming next.

It looks as though Rockstar have multiple next-generation projects in the pipeline. There's job listings for a Senior Environment Artist and an Animation Systems Programmer. The Animation Systems Programmer job is looking for someone, preferably with AAA character-based experience, to help in "developing advanced animation systems for large open world character-based games". The ad itself reiterates that Rockstar are working on "pushing the boundaries of character animation on next generation hardware". There's also an opening for a Screenshot Capture Artist to get still gameplay footage, and Rockstar want someone who can "work at a fast pace on multiple projects simultaneously", as well as "rapidly master new and unfinished games".

This all sounds as though Rockstar have multiple open world, character-focused projects in progress. It seems as though some are still in early development, but Rockstar seem to be focusing on next generation hardware. Project Scarlett and the PS5 are expected at the end of 2020, so perhaps we could be seeing some announcements from the studio sooner than that as they plan for a next-generation future. This leaves us with the question of what Rockstar could be working on. A new title in the GTA franchise seems a reasonable bet. Meanwhile, rumours about a possible sequel for the hugely popular Bully game have been floating around for a long time. Recently, fans even took hope from a painting in GTA Online's Diamond Casino & Resort update, which looked as though it featured the crest of Bullworth Academy. Yet there have been just as many rumours that any Bully 2 game was scrapped well before it could reach fruition. An announcement for that quarter seems unlikely.

Bully Sequel Rumour GTA Online Painting

Single-player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 seems just as unlikely. Undead Nightmare was a big success for Red Dead Redemption, but Rockstar said in an interview that they were mainly focusing on Red Dead Online. Hopefully this doesn't mean that a DLC would be completely impossible. Indeed, many fans have been hoping for one, and speculating on in-game discoveries which they think could hint at its nature, such as the possible UFO and vampire sightings, not to mention the missing princess. But even if a Red Dead 2 DLC is on the way, it seems unlikely that this is one of the projects being referred to in the job listings; they seem to be talking about unfinished and next generation games.

What do you think Rockstar could be working on? Do you think we'll get any announcements next year, before Project Scarlett and the PS5? Let us know in the comments!

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