No EA Access Trial for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – But Members Get Some Free Stuff

By Sam Quirke,
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

No one wants the details of their game spoiled ahead of release, especially not for a narrative heavy game that is receiving a fair amount of hype – that's why many of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order achievements are secret, hidden until the player unlocks them. EA have gone one step further for this release though, by blocking the 10-hour early access trial for the game. To make up for it, EA Access players will get some cosmetics – and they will still get their 10% discount off a full purchase.

As one eagle-eyed responder mentions in the tweet's comments, those skins are effectively those of Titanfall 2's BT-7274 Titan – though EA Access say that the skins will be referred to as the "Vanguard" cosmetics in Fallen Order. The cosmetics will be available in game for EA Access members on Xbox and PS4, as well as Origin Access members. The game won't yet feature at all in the Steam version of EA Access, which isn't arriving until 2020. It remains to be seen whether the cosmetics will be available to those users later on.

Is the limitation of the trial really only down to spoilers, though? Some have already speculated that perhaps the game's campaign isn't long enough to justify a 10-hour trial. EA have also been remarkably quiet in general on recent releases, perhaps still reeling from the Anthem launch back at the beginning of the year. Need for Speed Heat almost felt like a stealth launch at the end of last week, with little fanfare and few reviews and impressions appearing even on launch day. Some thought this might be to mitigate expected poor reviews, but in the end Heat didn't do too badly in terms of critical perception anyway. It could well be that EA are planning a similar softly, softly approach for Fallen Order, hoping that the hype for the new movie and the holiday season will boost recognition and sales without exposing the game to too much early scrutiny.

If it really is just about story spoilers, EA already have some trouble – there's a couple of Reddit and ResetEra threads out there with major spoiler content, which we won't link to here. For those who don't want major spoilers, we will likely have to wait until this Friday to find out any player or critic impressions.

In the meantime, EA Access players can enjoy a 10-hour trial of Need for Speed Heat, along with access to anything in the EA Access Vault. We have an EA Access Vault games list if you want to see everything currently available in the service – the most recent addition is the surprise co-op hit A Way Out.

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