The Outer Worlds Can Be Completed Without Killing Anyone

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Outer Worlds has extensive options and dialogue choices to choose from when completing quests or talking to NPCs. This usually means that there are ways to avoid combat or resolve things peacefully, if that's what the player is after. Yet most people in The Outer Worlds are just as happy to point their gun at you as they are to chat, and since you're going up against the organisation running the entire colony, it would seem impossible to get through the game without at least one death on your hands. Yet one player proved it was possible to avoid killing anyone, and not just possible, but possible on the highest difficulty.

The Outer Worlds

In just over 25 hours, Kyle Hinckley managed to finish the game on Supernova difficulty without killing a single person. Hinckley posted the entire feat to YouTube on his The Weirdist channel. This isn't Hinckley's first go with such an attempt. His account has several playlists dedicated to unorthodox playthroughs. He's got one for a Fallout 4 playthrough in survival without using the PipBoy and HUD, and another Fallout 4 survival playthrough where the character isn't allowed any items in his inventory except quest items. He's also got a Fallout 4 playthrough where, like with The Outer Worlds, he's completed it on the hardest difficulty and without killing anyone.

The Outer Worlds is littered with marauders, guards, lookouts, security details, and all the trigger-happy crazy NPCs you'd expect in an Obsidian game. Yet in the course of 50 videos, Hinckley shows how the game can be finished on a pacifist playthrough. Sneaking seems to suffice for a lot of the early part of the game, and dialogue options, lockpicking and the Holographic Shroud would most likely go a long way. Like most RPGs, The Outer Worlds usually offers multiple ways to go about a quest; an all-guns-blazing approach, or a stealthier option such as lockpicking, sneaking past and finding another way in, or using the Holographic Shroud to pass unnoticed. On top of that, there's all the dialogue options; persuade whoever you're dealing with to resolve things without violence, lie to get them to leave or do what you want, or intimidate. This last option would seem to encourage violence, but with a high enough skill, the threat of violence is usually enough to ensure it's not needed. Yet there are plenty of missions where not killing anyone would be immensely difficult. To see how to finish the game without killing a single person, you'll need to watch all 25 hours of Hinckley's videos. Check out the first one below to see how Hinckley's pacifist run begins:

CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 will allow players to finish the game without killing anybody. Yet this is something that has been openly acknowledged as a possibility for players, where as with The Outer Worlds, it was more of a challenge to be attempted by players such as Hinckley. The challenge is upped considerably by the fact that he did it on the hardest difficulty, when enemies are stronger and do more damage. Hinckley's pacifist playthrough doesn't mean that nobody dies at all, just that he's not the one to kill them. Of course, the companions can help against enemies, but still; on supernova difficulty, they can also die permanently. Besides, according to Polygon, Hinckley didn't even allow his companions to kill anyone, but set them to passive mode. He also apparently had to resort to Tactical Time Dilation to get around certain quests where it was almost impossible to avoid combat. He effectively succeeded at herding himself and his companions through a game in which everything is trying to kill you, without ever killing anyone themselves directly. And in only 25 hours.

Would you do a pacifist run-through? How long do you think it would take? Let us know in the comments!

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