The Eight Quickest Game Completions From the Latest Xbox Sales

By Sean Carey,
Our latest sale stories are up, and we've combed through them to find the quickest and easiest game completions from this week's sales. We have a total of eight games in this list that all have low TA ratios and short completion times. As always we've provided you with links to the store and to each game's hub where you can find individual achievement guides and walkthroughs if one has been written.

Sonic The Fighters

Quickest Xbox Game Completions from the latest Sales

Game Completion Time Average Discount Store Links
Sonic the FightersBackwards compatible 0-1 hour 50% View
Blackwood Crossing 1-2 hours 50% View
DreamBreak 1-2 hours 75% View
Spencer 1-2 hours 30% View
Lost Artifacts: Soulstone 4-5 hours 60% View
Uncanny Valley 2-3 hours 75% View
Solo: Islands of the Heart 2-3 hours 50% View
First up, we have the backwards compatible 360 game Sonic the Fighters. This game has 12 achievements worth 400 gamerscore and should take you less than an hour to complete. Our official site review only gives Sonic the Fighters a 1/5, so it's safe to say that the Sonic themed fighting game isn't a classic. But it is on sale for less than $2.50, so it's worth picking up for the gamerscore. We also have a decent walkthrough on site that should help if you get stuck.

Blackwood Crossing is our highest-rated game on this list, coming in at a 3.21/5 from the community. The point & click adventure is on sale for $8, has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore and is estimated to take 1-2 hours to complete. However, if you're using our fantastic walkthrough on site, it should take you under an hour.

No quick and easy completion list would be complete without an ACA NEOGEO game. ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN should take about an hour. The actual difficulty tends to vary quite a bit with NEOGEO games so this might be a tougher proposition than it appears; be sure to check out the 100% achievement walkthrough posted by A 2rue LeGacY if you want a sense of whether that 1000GS is going to be attainable for you.

Next up we have DreamBreak and Uncanny Valley. These two aren't on sale by themselves but as part of the Digerati Pixel Art Bundle Part 1 which is on sale for $12.62. These two are both worth 1000Gs and are quick completions, clocking in at around two hours each. We have a walkthrough for DreamBreak but not Uncanny Valley; however, we do have plenty of achievement guides for Uncanny Valley to help you on your way.

That is your list of quick completions from this week's sales stories. As always, let us know in the comments if you think we've missed any.

You can view the full list of the games discounted in the latest Xbox sale here.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost?
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