Modern Warfare's Latest Patch Should Fix Footseps and the 725 Shotgun

By Heidi Nicholas,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continues to have some teething problems. Patch 1.07 only came out last Friday, but Infinity Ward have now taken to Reddit to detail the patch notes for their latest update, which launched at midnight and should be rolling out to all players today.


There's various general fixes to improve stability, and more targeted fixes for issues which have been causing problems for players. One of these is the footsteps issue. This particular issue, which caused footsteps to be overly loud and betray player positions, has already been addressed a number of times. Now, Infinity Ward say it's been adjusted so that walk footstep sounds will be heard when in ADS or crouching, no matter how fast the player is moving. Infinity Ward's co-design director of multiplayer, Joe Cecot, clarified this in a comment on the post. The game used different sounds for crouch, walk, jog, sprint and so on, and the error was occurring when the player moved fast enough to change the ADS walk sound to a jog sound. The same problem was happening with crouch. Cecot said that if a player were to crouch with, for example, an SNG or lightweight attachments, the crouch sounds would change to walk sounds. Cecot says this patch should make crouch always play crouch sounds, and that all players should be able to move around more stealthily with crouch and ADS movement. They've also increased the speed with which you can move and still use the walk footstep sounds.


Infinity Ward have also adjusted the 725 again by reducing its range. The 725 shotgun was a completely overpowered weapon with a shotgun's power and a long range. Some players were even making use of this by adding a scope to use it as a sniper rifle. Modern Warfare's last update also aimed to address the weapon's range, but it seems it wasn't as effective as players had hoped. Joe Cecot said in a tweet around the time of the last update that that the next tweak — presumably this one — should "massage out the rare very long shot". This update should therefore fully fix the overpowered 725 by making its range more fitting to that of a shotgun. Infinity Ward also increased the ADS speed of the EB-14 and the FAL, whilst also reducing the recoil of the latter. The hip spread for ARs has been adjusted, and the hip spread for the M4 has been increased, whilst the weapon's damage to the head has been decreased. Several issues for the riot shield have been fixed, such as players not always taking explosive damage. Infinity Ward also included general challenge fixes, such as challenge-related error DEV ERROR 5476.

This patch follows on the heels of the two new maps and the new game mode added to Modern Warfare. Shoot House and Krovnik Farmland, as well as the multiplayer game mode Hardpoint, were added last week. The patch and this free content should go quite a way towards steadying the game out. The file size for Xbox has not yet been reported, but PlayStation players are reporting close to 3.5GB.

What do you think of the latest tweaks? Are there any issues in particular which you think still need to be fixed? Let us know in the comments!

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