Ghost Recon Breakpoint 7GB Update Addresses Many "Pressing Issues"

By Sean Carey,
Title Update 1.0.3 has been rolled out for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint and addresses some of the more pressing issues found in the game as reported by the Breakpoint community.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Jon Bernthal

According to the Breakpoint team, "Title Update 1.0.3, will be deployed on all platforms on November 12. We have identified, fixed, and improved many aspects of the game."

The extensive list of patch notes details fixes not just for graphical and performance bugs but also changes to gameplay. Base stamina has now been increased by 66% along with a 75% buff in stamina regeneration speed. There's been numerous fixes to the AI, vehicles, weapons, visuals, the online mode Ghost War, and many more. The game, by the looks of it, has had a complete once over. The list is too long for us to post, but we've included a list of major changes below.

Patch Highlights:
  • Fixed an issue that caused the drone to stop deploying on some occasions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to respawn under the map.
  • Fixed an issue where changing fire rate while ADS deployed the drone.
  • Fixed an issue where L3GP night vision goggles blocked the weapon reticle while in third-person view.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Mission Completion" tutorial pop-up would display after every loading screen.
  • Improvements made to the issue where scopes would flicker when players ADS.
Ghost War:
  • Sniper weapons no longer one-shot while using the Rolling Thunder perk.
  • Fixes implemented to Ghost War stat tracking.
  • Ghost War stats are now displayed correctly in the loadout menus.
  • Shooting downed enemies will no longer trigger hit confirmations.
  • Added a cooldown to the Ping system to avoid spam.
  • Mission interaction is now prioritized over vehicle interaction.
  • Players can now do a camera shoulder swap while in cover. It will also rotate the main player on the spot.
  • Increased the base stamina by 66%.
  • Increased stamina re-gen speed by 75%.
  • Reduced the stamina consumed when sliding by 50%.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck after using their ability or frags while Panther Class is equipped.
  • Realigned the angle of the panoramic night-vision goggles to align better with the character's eyes.
You can find the full list of changes over on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint website. The update clocks in at a hefty 7GB on the Xbox One.

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