The Public Enemy Weapon Pack is The Surge 2's Latest DLC

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Public Enemy Weapon Pack is the first in a wave of DLC for The Surge 2's season pass. It introduces 13 new weapons across eight types: two Single Rig weapons, a Twin Rig weapon, two spears, two hammers, a heavy duty weapon, two staffs, two swords, and punching gloves. The Public Enemy Weapon Pack is available as a standalone item of DLC for £3.99, or as part of the game's season pass.

The weapons included are: The “Codename: Engelhart” Single Rig weapon, the “MG Jackknife” Single Rig weapon, the “Foremen's Divine Hands” Twin Rig weapon, the “Wave of Tomorrow” Spear, the “Codename: Carmina” Spear, the “Severed Rotor Blade” Hammer, the “Codename: Parsifal v2.0” Hammer, the “Portable Omni-Assembler” Heavy Duty weapon, the “Kate 2.0” Staff, the “MG Ignis” Staff, the “Strongarm Twinblade” Sword, the “MG Centurion” Sword and the “Codename: Zarathrustra” Punching Gloves. The Season Pass is going for £15.74, and aside from the Public Enemy Weapon Pack it includes the Future Shock Weapon Pack, the URBN Gear Pack, and an exclusive weapon, the BORAX-I Quantum.

There's more DLC coming to the Season Pass after the Public Enemy Weapon Pack. First up are three new gear sets for exo-rigs, coming in December, and then a new story DLC in January. The new story DLC is titled "The Kraken" and brings a new location, new enemies, and new bosses. There hasn't yet been much information about what else to expect from The Kraken, or a specific date for either the exo-rigs or The Kraken story extension. We'll keep you updated when we find out more specific dates for this future DLC, and when more details surface about what to expect in The Kraken.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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