A Round of Search and Destroy in Modern Warfare Ends in Three Seconds

By Sean Carey,
A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player has managed to end a round of Search and Destroy in a number of seconds after using a noob tube to eliminate an entire enemy team at the start of a round.

[COD] 6 Man from r/modernwarfare

Redditor Burford250 uploaded a clip of the six-man killstreak. It shows him firing a grenade from the M4A1's underslung grenade launcher into the sky on the multiplayer map Piccadilly, during a round of Search and Destroy. The grenade lands three seconds later, exploding next to a bunch of cars in a spawn area. The ensuing mass explosion wipes out the opposing six-man squad entirely, resulting in a win for Burford250's team.

Players are now calling for Infinity Ward to either remove the cars from the starting area or introduce a timer for the start of the round that locks out the M4A1 grenade launcher for a period of time.

The M4A1 grenade launcher was dubbed the "noob tube" back in the early days of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The weapon's use became even more prevalent in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 days where the use of the weapon was rampant and considered overpowered especially when combined with the perks One Man Army and Danger Close.

Infinity Ward has recently made numerous updates to Modern Warfare, most notably to the 725 shotgun. Players had been using the shotgun as a sniper rifle and managed to get ridiculous long shots with the weapon — with some even attaching scopes to it. Infinity Ward has released a couple of patches that have since nerfed the 725, but now players are reporting that the changes have actually buffed the weapon further — in a roundabout way.

Source: The Loadout

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