Modern Warfare 725: Players Claim That The Latest Patch Has Actually Given It a Buff

By Heidi Nicholas,
COD Modern Warfare

Overly loud footsteps and a ridiculously powerful 725 shotgun: these are two of the biggest issues in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which Infinity Ward's last several patches have been intended to target. Unfortunately, Patch 1.08 seems to have proven as unsuccessful as its predecessors: footsteps seem just as loud, and it seems that the 725 shotgun has come out the other side stronger than ever.

Some players are claiming that the patch, which was meant to nerf the overcharged shotgun, has actually given it a buff instead. Reddit user yung-rude posted a clip comparing the shotgun's effect pre-patch and post-patch. The clip comes from YouTuber TheXclusiveAce's video. The XclusiveAce's video covers other fixes included in the patch, and you can watch it in its entirety here. TheXclusiveAce claims that while the patch may have reduced the 725's damage, it also had the unexpected effect of tightening the pellet spread, meaning that the 725 actually had better range than before. TheXclusiveAce explains that they couldn't get a one-shot kill with the 725 before, because the pellet spread had been widened leading to less direct damage, but that with the patch's buff, they could now get a one-shot kill from even further away. The video does indeed show a noticeable difference, with the pellet spread now being tighter when aiming down a sight. TheXclusiveAce emphasises that this effect is seen without attachments, and that those players who load up the weapon with the best attachments may notice more of a difference.


This isn't the only issue which hasn't exactly been fixed by the patch. The problem of overly loud footsteps has been plaguing players for some time, as it meant that they could be clearly heard from quite a distance, even when crouching to sneak closer. Infinity Ward's co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot explained on Reddit that the problem was when players would move too fast with the ADS walk, with the game then changing the sound to a jog audio. Likewise, if players had attachments whilst crouching, the audio would change to walking sounds. This patch was (like several others before it) intended to fix this. Yet TheXclusiveApe compares the crouching audio both pre-patch and post-patch in the video, and they're virtually indistinguishable. The video explains that players moving at top speed whilst crouching will still have the overly loud footsteps, whilst those who crouch and move more slowly will have quieter footsteps. The only issue, as TheXclusiveApe points out, is that crouching is already very slow. Moving even more slowly just to get the correct audio will put players in a more vulnerable position. The audio also seems unchanged for players when aiming down the sight and walking with a pistol. The video states that to get the quieter audio, players must either move more slowly whilst crouching, or happen to have the dead silence field upgrade when needing to move stealthily.

That doesn't mean that the patch didn't fix other audio issues, and it included a range of other fixes, such as general stability to keep the game from crashing. Yet the 725 seems to still be quite powerful without attachments, and the walking audio seems to still be a problem for those trying to move stealthily. We'll have to wait and see whether Infinity Ward can resolve these issues with their next patch.

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