Gears 5 Rank Reset Today; Changes Made to Melee in Latest Update

By Sean Carey,
Gears 5 Title Update 1

The planned mid-season rank reset for Gears 5 that was supposed to happen with the previous Title Update 2 was delayed but will get the go-ahead today. An issue was discovered that caused a discrepancy between a player's Skill Points and Skill Rating. To rectify the issue, all ranks will be reset – and Skill Points will be wiped too.

Gears 5's melee combat will also be receiving some tuning in an update this week. The Coalition wants to make melee combat a more relevant and reliable tool for players to use, regardless of the weapon or game mode. Balance changes will be made to help bring a higher degree of risk/reward back into the Gears 5's melee system.

The Coalition has focused on two areas of the attack: the lunge targeting area and the cooldown. The Coalition said, "We shipped the game with a tuning that put this range just outside of the Gnasher ‘gib’ distance (that line where the Gnasher becomes a 1-shot gib rather than a 2-shot down that all Gears since 2 have had). This meant that when attacking a Gnasher player with melee meant that you wouldn’t necessarily be out-right killed since the attacker hadn’t yet crossed that ‘line’ when the attack was initiated. It was intended to put both players in a relatively similar position where the next shot or melee attack would respectively kill." Hopefully that makes sense to those who really, really want to fine-tune their melee action.

This tuning made it too easy to land a melee hit, so The Coalition has made balancing changes to the lunge. The lunge target range will be reduced by 30%, the target angle by 35% and attack rotation speed reduced by 30%. This makes the lunge target area shorter and narrower. Players will have to be more accurate with their melee attacks. For the cooldown, post melee attack cooldown has been increased by 25% and recovery time is now at 1.25 seconds.

Gears 5's more significant content updates are working on a three-monthly cycle called "Operations". The first new Operation since launch is arriving in just a couple of weeks. We haven't had a full breakdown of what will be included in the December Operation, but we do know that in general we should expect a refresh to the Tour of Duty, new earnable characters, more modes, more maps and more "major features". We'll likely hear more about the next Operation in the next week or so.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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