Watch X019 on Mixer to Get Some Gears POP! and Sea of Thieves Stuff

By Sam Quirke,
Gears POP!

The team at Xbox are understandably getting hyped for their big X019 event happening in just a couple of days, claiming that tomorrow night's Inside Xbox stream will be the "biggest ever". As always, tuning into special event episodes of Inside Xbox on Mixer will net viewers a "MixPot" – a bunch of Xbox digital goodies to be delivered directly to your Xbox account. Given the apparent size of the event, we were hoping that the latest MixPot would be just as impressive. Unfortunately it's only going to seem huge to the most die-hard fans of two of Xbox's most controversial exclusives: Sea of Thieves and Gears POP!

Sadly, $5 in Gears POP! isn't going to get you too far, if you are planning to try and pay to win – some of our forum members have estimated a figure in the thousands if you really want to stay on top, which you'll need to get close to if you want to get POP's version of the Seriously achievement, which requires you to get all the way into the Gold League.

It's marginally more useful though considerably less pretty than the Sea of Thieves offering, which is an Obsidian ship wheel. Of course, everything you can pick up in Sea of Thieves is purely cosmetic, but at least you'll look cool while you are sailing the seas. It's likely that the Obsidian wheel is a direct nod to the studio which Xbox Game Studios have acquired, and who have had huge success with their last game as an independent company, The Outer Worlds. It's tempting to wonder whether Rare and Xbox are laying the groundwork for a major Obsidian announcement at X019 with this inclusion, but we should probably wait and see – we've been burned before by exclusive Sea of Thieves content potentially pointing to a new Banjo-Kazooie game, which of course came to nothing.

You'll also get a chance to win a year's worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gets you Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass for console and Xbox Game Pass for PC – with viewer numbers likely to be in the thousands, it's a very small chance, but it's not bad for just sitting and watching Inside Xbox unfold.

You can watch the Mixer stream with us below – make sure you're logged in if you want any of these digital treats, though. The Inside Xbox live stream starts on Thursday November 14th at 8 PM GMT /3 PM ET /12 PM PT. If you don't catch any of the live streams, don't worry. We will be bringing you all the news from X019 as it happens.

Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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