Epic is Suing Another Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaker

By Sean Carey,
Chapter 2

Epic Games is taking legal action against another playtester that leaked confidential information regarding Fortnite Chapter 2 before the game's reset, after cracking down on another playtester back in October. As reported by The Canadian Press, Epic Games filed a statement of claim in October against Lucas Johnston. Epic alleges that Johnston was responsible for publishing "highly confidential information". This confidential information came in the way of a screenshot of an area in the new map.

The document claims that Johnston took the screenshot on August 30 while he was working at Keywords Studios in Montreal. Keywords Studios provides user experience testing for game developers. Two weeks later on September 12, the screenshot found its way on to an official user forum for Fornite Competitions — just over a month before Chapter 2's launch on October 15.

Keywords Studios launched an investigation into the leak and traced the image back to Johnston, who was captured on CCTV taking the screenshot. According to the filing, Johnston has admitted taking the screenshot and emailing it to himself but claims he doesn't know how it ended up online. Keywords found that a user by the name of "chaad4" had posted the image had three friends in common with a user named "FloocasJ," whose email was linked to Johnston.

Epic claims the leak “deprived the claimant of the element of surprise” for Chapter 2 and it alerted other competitors to its plans. The company is seeking unspecified damages exceeding $85,000 due to Johnston violating his non-disclosure agreement.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Epic has entered into a legal battle with a playtester. Ronald Sykes broke his non-disclosure agreement when he leaked information surrounding Fortnite Chapter 2. Sykes was also playtesting the game and allegedly leaked an image of the new map and that players would be able to swim. Epic has also previously sued a former QA contractor surrounding leaks over Fortnite's fourth season.

Source: The Canadian Press
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Written by Sean Carey
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