Aaron Greenberg Confirms There Will Be No Project Scarlett News at X019

By Sam Quirke,

Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, has been regularly tweeting out his excitement about the X019 event happening in London from tomorrow. He had taken to Twitter earlier today to tell fans that the focus of X019 will be "games games games"; he later confirmed to a more specific question that apparently there will be no news about Project Scarlett at X019.

Greenberg made the comments in reply to long-time hardcore Xbox fan Timdog, who asked if, given that X019 would be primarily about the games, Project Scarlett would therefore not be featured at the show. "Correct, next year is all about Project Scarlett, #X019 is all about the games!"

So what does this mean for the "redacted" slot on the Xbox streaming schedule this Friday morning? We know that there is going to be "big" xCloud news relating to Xbox's new mobile game-streaming concept, so it could be that Friday morning is dedicated to running down through how it's all going to work, or pricing models, or geographical availability. Alternatively we might finally have a name for one of the many, many acquired Xbox Game Studios' upcoming projects; while we know what's in the pipeline for a handful of key franchises, the vast majority of the studios' next games remain unknown. It might also mean another Studio is being added, though if the focus is on "games", such a studio would likely need to bring a game announcement along with it to justify Greenberg's claims.

Whatever the announcement is, it now seems pretty damned likely that it won't be anything to do with Project Scarlett — which still doesn't have a final console name, despite PlayStation confirming the name of its direct competitor when the two launch in Holiday 2020.

You can watch the Inside Xbox stream with us below – it starts at 8pm GMT tomorrow, Thursday 14th. Make sure that you're logged into your Microsoft account while you are watching if you want those exclusive MixPot items for Gears POP! and Sea of Thieves.

Sam Quirke
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