Rumour: Reliable Industry Source Claims Rare and Obsidian Will Announce New IPs at X019

By Sam Quirke,
The rumours really are starting to fly: Industry analyst and serial Twitter hinter Daniel Ahmad claims that both Obsidian and Rare will announce "new IP" at X019. Other Xbox Game Studios will finally firm up some release dates for their projects too, if the tweet is to be believed.

Ahmad claims that Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons and Wasteland 3 will all have 2020 release dates announced during the show – a sensible bet, given that all three games have been widely available in preview states throughout major gaming events this year. Ahmad also mentions a "shadow drop" – presumably a game announced and simultaneously launched, though this might refer to Xbox Game Pass instant drops instead. He promises "much more", though these claims are the extent of what Ahmad is willing to share ahead of time.

The most interesting aspect of this is the claim that Obsidian and Rare will have new IPs, not just new games. Obsidian only recently released their very successful Fallout successor The Outer Worlds, and given that all signs point to the studio retaining that IP right up until Xbox acquired them, some suspected that they might crack straight on with the sequel. Equally it's a little surprising to see Rare ploughing ahead with a new IP, given their ongoing work with Sea of Thieves and their large catalogue of beloved characters from older games. Still, Rare have long been a studio full of wild and surprising ideas, rarely sticking to a series for more than a couple of instalments.

If Ahmad's claims prove true, there's still plenty on the table to wonder about. We don't know exactly what either the "big Xbox Game Pass news" or the "big xCloud news" is, and both of those statements have come from official Xbox tweets. Whatever the truth is, it seems like the X019 edition of Inside Xbox is going to be one worth tuning in for.

You can do so with us! It's due to kick off tomorrow, Thursday November 14th, at 8pm GMT. If you log in to Mixer with your Xbox account you'll get some Sea of Thieves and Gears POP! stuff – that Obsidian Sea of Thieves wheel from Rare could suddenly have a whole new meaning, couldn't it? Regardless, you can check out the official live stream directly below.

Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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