Halo Reach is Coming to The Master Chief Collection on December 3rd for Xbox One and PC

By Sam Quirke,
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Update: Halo Reach will be landing on Xbox One and PC on December 3rd – and it's coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC as well. The entirety of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be coming to PC over time as the team continue to test each game in narrative chronological order.

Original Story:
Someone has been tweaking the release date for Halo: The Master Chief Collection overnight. At first the date changed to December 3rd; now, it's showing as November 14th, which is today. In fact, it's currently showing with a release time of 9pm UTC – right at the end of the Inside Xbox show scheduled for tonight. Although this is a release date for the Collection in general, these changes suggest that we could be seeing Halo Reach and its achievements dropped into the Halo: The Master Chief Collection achievements list tonight. The PC version is listed as December 3rd now, too – so we'll likely get that announcement later as well. (Thanks to OutlawedTorn for the clarification).

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Six games, one epic saga. The Master Chief's entire story is brought together and optimized for Xbox Series X|S. : Featuring Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST Campaign, and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.

Though these release dates do change sometimes, often without fanfare, the fact that we're a handful of hours out from X019's Inside Xbox stream raises our suspicions that a surprise Halo launch is imminent – especially that launch time, which coincides with the end of the show. 343 Industries promised Halo Reach and the start of the MCC's launch on PC by the end of the year, so either of the tweaked dates would fulfil that promise. It would obviously be a straightforward positive PR move for Xbox to throw this new update out tonight, too.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One currently contains Halos 1 through 4, with spin-off Halo: ODST added as DLC later on. That isn't strictly a Master Chief related game, fuelling requests for the series' other major detour, Halo Reach, to be added to the collection. Fans have been clamouring for a PC version of the set as well, and 343 Industries promised a version of Halo MCC would arrive by the end of the year. The plan is to release each game of the Halo MCC on PC separately, in chronological order in terms of the game's narrative – therefore Halo Reach would be the first game to be released on PC. This is likely a logistical move too – players and developers alike would be testing Halo Reach for its inclusion on the Xbox One edition anyway, so it might as well be the first to arrive on PC.

Update: Steam achievements have now appeared for Halo MCC, further fuelling suspicions that the long-awaited PC port of the Master Chief Collection is imminent.

What do you think of this news? If true, will you be rushing to download Halo Reach tonight and checking out the new achievements? Will you be rushing to play it on PC? Let us know in the comments!
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