Sea of Thieves has a Gears Cosmetics Crossover: the Omen Ship Set

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Coalition have teamed up with Rare for a Gears of War and Sea of Thieves cosmetics crossover: the Omen Ship set. The set includes a hull, sails, flag and figurehead, and to get the whole set, all players have to do is play Sea of Thieves any time until Friday November 22nd.

The Hull features a chainsaw figurehead, whilst the sails have the red on black skull design of the Gears of War game. Sea of Thieves has had other cosmetic crossovers like this before. The Omen Ship set comes on the heels of the Halo-inspired Spartan Ship set, which had a Spartan figurehead, flag, sails, hull, wheel, capstan and cannons, all of which could also be unlocked by logging in and playing. Hopefully, this means that Sea of Thieves will be getting such cosmetic crossovers in the future with other games from Xbox Game Studios.

This isn't the only news we might get from Rare today. Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst known for his hints on Twitter, claims that Rare and Obsidian will both be announcing new IP at X019, which kicks off today. Some suppose Obsidian's The Outer Worlds only recently released to high praise, and the suggestion that they may be announcing a new IP threw some of their assumption that Obsidian would be moving straight onto the sequel. Meanwhile, Sea of Thieves has been regularly updated and maintained by Rare, and there's been no hints about new IPs from their studio, so it's hard to guess what direction an announcement from them might take.

We'll keep you updated with all X019 news. Meanwhile, whilst waiting to hear what Rare might have to say, Sea of Thieves fans shouldn't forget to log in and play before November 22nd to get the Gears of War-inspired Omen Ship set.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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