New Twin-Stick Shooter West of Dead, Starring Ron Perlman, Arrives in Open Beta Today

By Sam Quirke,
West of Dead Xbox open beta

Update: West of Dead was confirmed at tonight's X019 show, along with all of the details we originally covered below.

Even more leaks are happening today from the trusty Microsoft Store. A seemingly unnanounced twin-stick shooter called West of Dead has appeared – or at least, it's Beta client has. Not only does this stylish Western shooter star Ron Perlman of Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy and Fallout fame, but it's apparently launching into Beta today – presumably as part of the X019 festivities.

West of Dead (BETA)
West of Dead (BETA)

Purgatory, Wyoming, 1888. A place of gun smoke and darkness, sin and damnation, wendigos and witches. Step into the boots of the dead man William Mason (voiced by Ron Perlman) in this fast-paced twin-stick shooter. Dodge behind cover as you try to outgun your enemies in the unknown procedurally generated hunting grounds. The Wild West has never been this dark.

The store page reveals a full trailer for the game that includes an announcement that the game is available in Beta today – with a release date given as 14th November at the bottom. The player seemingly plays William Mason, an undead bounty hunter and guardian of the underworld, making sure undead spirits make their prescribed journey to the East and into the afterlife. The character has a stylised look that's a cross between Ghost Rider and Clint Eastwood – appropriate given that the game is set in 1888 in Wyoming, or at least the Purgatory that sits in parallel with it. The fast-paced twin stick shooter features plenty of dodging behind and sliding across cover as well as appropriately Wild West trick shots with your six-shooter. The game will feature procedurally generated areas to explore and, if the implication of the trailer is to be believed, there are some rogue-lite elements of respawning after death.

We'll almost certainly find out more about the game tonight at X019, including perhaps plans for the game's final release date after the Beta is ended. Regardless, it's very likely that players will be able to jump onto this game as soon as Inside Xbox is finished tonight. The download looks to be about 1GB.

We've got the full list of West of Dead achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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