Return to Jurassic Park: Jurassic World Evolution's December DLC

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UPDATE: There'll be new challenges from Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm, with the voices of the film cast. There's new attractions inspired by Jurassic Park, including the Main Gates, Visitor's Entrance, Jurassic Park Tour, and the Aviary. There's also new legacy skin variations including the 1993 T. rex and Velociraptor. Frontier also announced new dinosaurs:

Compsognathus: "These dinosaurs lived in the Late Jurassic in what is now Europe. Weighing between 0.83 and 3.5kg, Compsognathus would have relied on its quick reactions and high speed and manoeuvrability in order to catch its prey, which - unlike other dinosaurs - is well known due to fossil evidence of small lizards found in the stomachs of both known specimens."

Pteranodon: "A genus of late Cretaceous pterosaur, flying reptiles that - while not dinosaurs themselves - share the clade Avemetatarsalia with dinosaurs. The name is derived from Greek meaning "wing without tooth". With wingspans over 7 metres, these reptiles would have been extremely light and delicate in order to be able to fly."

This will be a DLC content pack, but there'll also be a free new update alongside it, which Frontier say will include more fan-requested features.

Original story:
Jurassic World Evolution fans have long been hoping for a 1993 Jurassic Park DLC of some sort to come to the game. Now, we have a release date for a Return to Jurassic Park DLC: December 10th.

A much-requested addition to the game has been some sort of DLC or content themed around the original Jurassic Park. Another addition is for more variety of buildings to choose from, to make parks less uniform and more customisable. The trailer appears to confirm a brand new visitor's centre, themed for Return to Jurassic Park,. It looks as though we'll be getting new skins; velociraptors were shown with what looked to be a new skin.

Return to Jurassic Park

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