Strange Brigade and More Leaving Xbox Game Pass November 30

By Sean Carey,
A total of eight games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass November 30, as announced over on Xbox Wire. This gives you just two weeks to grab any achievements you need from the following titles.


We have both the console version of ABZÛ leaving Xbox Game Pass for Console and the Windows version ABZÛ (Win 10) leaving Xbox Game Pass for PC. Also leaving console is Below, Strange Brigade, GRID 2 and Kingdom Two Crowns.

Leaving Xbox Game Pass for PC besides ABZÛ is Football Manager 2019 (Win 10)

Also spotted by community member Tveilor and not listed in the Xbox Wire post, but listed on the Leaving Soon section on the Game Pass app is LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. We aren't sure when this one will be leaving as it doesn't specifically have a leaving soon date like the other games.

This leaves you two weeks to grab any remaining achievements you might need from these games. Abzu is an especially easy completion and supports achievements on Xbox Game Pass for PC — so you could easily bag 2000G if you haven't already completed that stack.

Source: Xbox Wire

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