Hovership Havoc Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Hovership Havoc Achievement list.

There are 30 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 1 of which is secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievement, please use this link).

Hovership Havoc

Name Description Gamerscore
Blasted Beat the game with the Laser Blaster 60
Halfway there Used half of the abilities at least once 25
Rough Start Destroyed your hovership in the first or second room of a new game 15
Laser Blaster Reached Hovership Level 5 with the Laser Blaster 15
Not like a boss Get destroyed by a boss 20
Spider Boss Defeat the Spider Boss 45
That was close! Defeat a boss with less than 7% of your HP remaining 20
Strong Finish Defeat a boss with more than 70% of your HP remaining 20
Machine Boss Destroyed the Machine Boss 30
Upgrader Applied your first permanent upgrade to any hovership 10
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 25
Balanced Have an offensive and a defensive ability equipped at the same time 15
First of Many Destroyed your first Power Cell 10
Devastation Beat the game with the Devastator 60
Plasma Pro Beat the game with the Plasma Gatling 60
Pulse Pro Beat the game with the Pulse Cannon 60
Well Rounded Beat the game with All Hoverships 125
Like a boss Beat bosses a total of 20 times 40
gg 2 ez Beat the first level and boss without upgrading any stats 40
Bot Destroyer Destroyed more than 8000 enemies 50
Hang Back! Equip 2 long range abilities with the Pulse Cannon 15
Keep Moving! Equip 2 short range offensive abilities with either the Devastator or the Plasma Gatling 15
Untouchable Complete a top down level without being damaged 40
Defense is the best offense Defeat a boss with 2 defensive abilities equipped 30
Devastator Reached Hovership Level 5 with the Devastator 15
Plasma Gatling Reached Hovership Level 5 with the Plasma Gatling 15
Pulse Cannon Reached Hovership Level 5 with the Pulse Cannon 15
Favorites Reached Hovership Level 15 with any Hovership 25
Every Ability Use every ability at least once 45
Boss Untouchable Defeat a boss without being damaged 40
Hovership Havoc is developed and published by Snow Day Software and is part of the ID@Xbox program.

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