Skate 3 Community Servers Are Back Online, Making Some Achievements Obtainable Again

By Sean Carey,
Skate 4 Trademark dropped

The community servers for Skate 3 have mysteriously come back online making some achievements obtainable again. An eagle-eyed Redditor spotted that the servers were live, and we've jumped on to confirm that some achievements are unlocking.

Eight achievements were previously listed as unobtainable on the Skate 3 achievement list. They are as follows:
Skate 3Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Skate 3 worth 35 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Skate 3Team UpThe Team Up achievement in Skate 3 worth 63 pointsBe part of a team with two or more skaters

Skate 3Sellout!The Sellout! achievement in Skate 3 worth 74 pointsCreate a Logo and put it on your Skater

Skate 3Constructive CriticismThe Constructive Criticism achievement in Skate 3 worth 89 pointsRate 5 skate.Parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos

Skate 3Artsy FartsyThe Artsy Fartsy achievement in Skate 3 worth 103 pointsUpload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks

Skate 3Throw DownThe Throw Down achievement in Skate 3 worth 63 pointsWin a Ranked Online Team Challenge

Skate 3Lot PwnersThe Lot Pwners achievement in Skate 3 worth 76 pointsWin a Ranked Team Own The Lot

Skate 3Talking bout Team practiceThe Talking bout Team practice achievement in Skate 3 worth 95 pointsPlay in a 6-player Team Freeskate session

We have tested in the office and found that Gone Viral, Artsy Fartsy and Constructive Criticism are in fact, unlocking. However, we haven't been able to confirm if any of the other achievements are popping. Team Up, Throw Down and Lot Pwners are team-based achievements that need you and two more players in a team to unlock. Talking bout Team Practice needs six people in a team in a free skate session. Sadly, it looks like the ability to create new teams is down — we couldn't access it. Old teams, however, can still be joined. The Sellout! achievement has a couple of recent unlocks as of November 13, although we again can't confirm that it's working. Sellout! requires you create a custom logo using a graphics creator on the Skate website, however that has long disappeared. There is a workaround detailed in the achievement guides where if you import a friends custom skater to your game, the achievement will unlock.

It's probably worth setting up a Gaming Session with other TA members to see if these achievements are unlocking. The Skate 3 servers are up and down like a yo-yo — they could go down at a moments notice without any warning like they have done in the past, so it's probably a good idea to grab these achievements quickly.

Skate 3 is currently in EA Access and made it into our best games in EA Access list. The community-rated the skateboarding sim a 3.9/5. Fans have been yearning for a sequel, but EA has yet to reveal anything about a potential Skate 4 — it's been almost ten years since Skate 3 was released. EA has been filing trademarks for the franchise, but until something concrete appears, we will all have to wait. That is unless crea-ture Studios' new skateboarding game, Session can fill the void when it eventually comes to Xbox Game Preview in either late November or early December.

If you do manage to unlock any of the above achievements that we haven't confirmed, let us know in the comments.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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