The Outer Worlds Patch Hasn't Really Fixed the Tiny Text

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you're hunting after each of the The Outer Worlds achievements, good news: the games' first patch, Patch, addresses a range of issues, including an achievement which wasn't popping correctly. The patch is out for both the console version and The Outer Worlds (Win 10). The game's been brilliantly non-buggy, and the only issues were relatively small. The font was pretty minuscule, and some players were having an issue where the game crashed after they arrived at Tartarus. Patch has targeted these issues, with Obsidian detailing the fixes in their patch notes.

The patch has included a toggle for players to select a large font size in the options menu. The Outer Worlds has fantastic dialogue, and there's always a lot of chatter going on, particularly when exploring a settlement. The game has the option for background conversations to also have subtitles, so that even when the player is moving away from the conversation and can't hear it as well, they'll still be able to follow it by checking the subtitles. Yet the font in the game was pretty tiny, making any text, subtitles or otherwise, quite hard to read. The game's got so much detail that it can be pretty frustrating when you think you might be missing out on some of it. Some players, replying to Obsidian's tweet, even said they had to stop because of this issue. This new toggle, found under settings, will let players select a large font size. However, this doesn't seem to have really fixed the problem. The text for dialogue is slightly bigger, but not by a huge amount. Plus, the update seems to only affect text for dialogue, and hasn't changed the size of the text in menus or in the journal. Specifically, the patch notes say the font for conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text. The journal, inventory, and other in-game menus are where most of the information is to be found, and having the text so small in these areas makes it difficult for players to process the level of detail in the game. It might have been better for the text changes to affect this area instead of just the subtitles.

Another big update was the fix to stop the game crashing when players got to Tartarus. Tartarus is an important end-game stage of The Outer Worlds, and so this issue was stopping players from completing it and from starting another playthrough. Obsidian have also rebalanced the Prismatic Hammer,which had been massively overcharged due to an issue where it used the level multiplier as an exponent instead of a multiplier, and was doing insane amounts of damage at high levels. Companion quests have now been fixed and their statuses set to Active, meaning that players can take these companions with them again when leaving the ship, and carry on with their quests. This was another issue obstructing players from completing the game. In addition, Obsidian say the foliage on the Xbox One will now be on par with the foliage on the PS4. Lastly, the "It's Not the Best Choice" achievement has been fixed and will now pop correctly.

The Outer WorldsNot the Best ChoiceThe Not the Best Choice achievement in The Outer Worlds worth 47 pointsSimultaneously equip Spacer's Choice brand clothing, headgear, and 4 weapons.

It's a shame that the patch hasn't changed the size of all of the in-game text, but it has addressed some other big issues in a game which was already remarkably smooth. In general, fans seem pretty delighted with both the patch and Obsidian's speed in delivering it. In fact, now that the patch has addressed the few key issues, it now seems that the biggest request is for news of a DLC or future content for the game, or even a sequel. We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all The Outer Worlds news.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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