BioWare Tease Dragon Age 4 News

By Heidi Nicholas,
BioWare know how to keep fans guessing. Dragon Age players have been on tenterhooks since BioWare's teaser for Dragon Age 4 last year, and there still hasn't been any more announcements about the game. Yet BioWare have been tweeting about Dragon Age anniversaries in just enough of a casual tone to get fans really interested. Their last tweet marked ten years of Dragon Age, and said that they'd be participating in the community's Dragon 4ge day event. Now, they've shared a letter from Solas.

BioWare's tweet is celebrating Dragon Age: Inquisition's fifth birthday, and the letter from Solas reads: "The passage of these five long years seems but an instant in my heart, yet still ample cause for celebration...Tea soon?" Of course, it's those last two words in particular which have captured attention. Solas's invitation seems like the perfect jumping-off point for an announcement of some kind, as though the Dragon Age games are inviting players back in. It seems BioWare are feeling nostalgic, as they also shared a short clip of a bard song from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Both of BioWare's latest tweets, however, focus on significant anniversaries for the games; ten years of Dragon Age and five years since Dragon Age: Inquisition. An anniversary of the game would be a great date to announce the game's future, and BioWare's focus on anniversaries could be read as such.

Their previous tweet about participating in Dragon 4ge day has got fans particularly hopeful that we could be seeing a Dragon Age 4 announcement on December 4th. Plus, the fact that the letter in BioWare's second tweet is from Solas could be important; it's Solas' voice we hear in the teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4, suggesting he's in some way important to the game. Of course, BioWare's participation in Dragon 4ge day could be to do with something entirely different. And from BioWare's latest earnings call, it seems unlikely that we'll see Dragon Age 4 before April of 2022. Yet overall, the recent event of not one but two Dragon Age anniversaries, plus BioWare's confirmed participation in Dragon 4ge day on December 4th, plus Solas's letter, looks very promising for Dragon Age 4 news of some kind.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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