We Happy Few's Final Season Pass DLC, We All Fall Down, Is Now Available

By Heidi Nicholas,
We All Fall Down is the final piece of DLC for We Happy Few.It's out now and tells the story of Victoria Byng, at a time when Wellington Wells is at its worst. We've got the We All Fall Down achievement list, and the DLC brings ten new achievements worth 180 Gamerscore.

We All Fall Down is the last piece of DLC, following on from They Came From Below and Lightbearer. It's set after Act Three of We Happy Few, and after Victoria Byng's confrontation with Ollie. Victoria Byng, daughter of Robert Byng, was a major antagonist of the main game. This DLC focuses on her and her withdrawal from Joy. Now off the drug, she can see exactly what's happened to Wellington Wells. Victoria was always driven by her duty, and the city always came first. Now that she's clear-headed and can see the state the city's really in, her duty is the same — to put the city first. We All Fall Down follows her efforts to rectify all the wrongs of Wellington Wells. It's more story-based, and so doesn't have the survival mechanics of the base game. The description says that "there's no time for eating, sleeping, and crafting while the world falls apart", so perhaps this removal of the survival mechanics is meant to ramp up the urgency and make the story that much more immersive. Victoria's main weapon is her whip, but she also has a dart gun for a more stealthy approach. The DLC also brings changes to exploration, as Victoria can travel across the roofs.

We All Fall Down is available on its own for $7.99, or as part of the Season Pass for $19.99. The Season Pass is available here and includes those two other pieces of DLC; They Came From Below and Lightbearer.

We Happy Few - We All Fall Down
We Happy Few - We All Fall Down

You’ve taken your Joy, but now it’s time to tear it all down in this final piece of handcrafted Season Pass content.

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