The Halo: Combat Evolved Beta for PC Starts Soon

By Heidi Nicholas,
Halo: The Master Chief Collection continues its march over to PC. Halo Reach is coming to Xbox One and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC, next month on December 3rd, and Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard says that after Reach is out, they'll begin the beta testing for Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo MCC 4/21/15 Relic Screen 3

Speaking to PC Games N, Jarrard said “Once Reach comes out next month, after the holiday, we will start to reset, and we’ll start to flight Halo CE". He continued to say, “We’re just going to keep going down the road until we fill out the rest of the collection.” So, "after the holiday" could mean that PC beta testing could start as early as January. Since Reach comes out on December 3rd, January could be more than enough time to deal with Reach's release and enjoy the holidays before turning attention to Combat Evolved. The process for the beta testing last time was that a small portion of registered Halo Insiders would get access to it, so if you want a chance to try out the beta for Combat Evolved, it'd be a good idea to register as a Halo Insider.

The idea seems to be to treat this move to PC with caution. 343 Industries seem to be releasing each game of the Halo MCC separately, following eachother in chronological order, with extensive testing for each. If they continue with this chronological release, this would mean that after Combat Evolved would be Halo 2, then Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST (campaign) and Halo 4. The caution seems understandable when taken together with Jarrard's comments about the difficulty of the process. “We’re taking a game that’s very old, and we’re trying to update it for this platform – making it run at 60 fps, 4K – but also trying to account for all the requirements that PC gamers expect nowadays", he says, giving examples of these as uncapped frame rates and support for different aspect ratios. 343 seem determined to deliver the best experience. Jarrard commented that “it’s been more challenging than we initially thought, and it’s taken longer than we expected. But it is important that we don’t cut corners.” No matter what pace they take, with the knowledge that Reach is out next month and that beta testing for Combat Evolved could start after the holiday, fans can at least feel confident about the structure and order of the Master Chief Collection coming to PC.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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