Warframe: The Old Blood Update Brings A Nemesis System and Two New Achievements

By Sam Quirke,
Warframe kuva lich achievements

Warframe has been updated with The Old Blood achievement list, bringing two new achievements into the mix. The Old Blood update brings a new gameplay feature which borrows some elements of the Nemesis system that was so highly praised in the Lord of the Rings games, Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.

The two new Warframe achievements are worth a total of 75 Gamerscore. Neither of them are secret, and both involve this new gameplay feature, challenging players to create and vanquish a high ranking "Kuva Lich".

Name Description Gamerscore
The Abyss Gazes Into You Create a Kuva Lich 25
That Which Does Not Kill Us Vanquish a Rank 5 Kuva Lich 50
The Old Blood update's main feature is this Kuva Lich system, through which the enemies of the Tenno are able to use the same resurrection powers as the player. Grineer soldiers known as Kuva Larvlings now appear in the game – if the player defeats one, it will resurrect as a Kuva Lich with stronger abilities and a particular grudge against you, not unlike the Nemesis orcs of Shadow of Mordor.

The Kuva Lich will claim some territory in the Origin System and build up an army of Thralls. Players will need to defeat these lesser Thralls to learn more about the whereabouts of the Kuva Lich. The whole squad can help a player track down their Kuva Lich, but the final battle will be personal; only the player who struck down the original Larvling can land the killing blow on the resurrected Lich with their Parazon hidden blade. Apparently another Lich can resurrect to take the place of the one you have defeated, again calling to mind the promotion system in the Shadow of Mordor titles.

The Kuva Lich system isn't the only feature of the update – there's also a new Warframe called Grendel:

Grendel sounds like a zombie with a moral code, or a particularly toothy version of Dexter. He is ravenously hungry for flesh but thanks to his "noble spirit" he chooses to feast on "the cruel and corrupted". Players will have to visit Leverian to start tracking down Grendel. Grendel's systems are a little gross but useful – each enemy devoured grants bonus armor and is stored in Grendel's belly. The more enemies Grendel eats, the more energy is consumed – Grendel can choose to vomit out enemies as a toxic projectile, or digest them to grant a radial buff to nearby squad members. A well-fed Grendel can also curl into a ball and roll into enemies, knocking them off their feet.

The Old Blood update continues to make improvements across the board, with a particular focus on melee. Melee Weapons now have heavy attacks, dealing much more damage at a slower pace. Melee attacks now also work in mid-air, and certain attacks can lift enemies for a juggling combo. Combos in general have been reworked, with an improved Counter and smoother melee transitions to keep combos going. Melee Weapons have had a rebalance in general too. Manual blocking and a full Melee-only attack state have been re-implemented as well.

There have been other additions and improvements too, from Grendel-themed armor to reworks for the Vauban and Ember Warframes. To see all of the granular details we recommend heading over to the Old Blood patch notes. There's no specific word on the file size for the update, but on Nintendo Switch it apparently racks up a significant 4.2 GB.
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