Rainbow Six Siege gets a Money Heist Tie-in for a Limited Time and a Free Weekend

By Sean Carey,
Rainbow Six Siege is getting a free-to-play weekend, along with a new limited-time mode. The new event is a tie in for Netflix's Money Heist — a Spanish heist crime drama series that follows a group of robbers who assault the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid.

The limited-time event is a classic Hostage match that is set on the map Bank. Attackers and Defenders will fight over a hostage which is dressed in the iconic red jumpsuit and mask from the Money Heist Series. Operators Hibana and Vigil are also equipped with the same mask and jumpsuit if you decide to play with them.

There are eight new items being added to the in-game shop. The Hibana Heist Bundle contains the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Emboldened headgear, Tokyo charm and Regal Mint weapon skin for the TYPE-89. Vigil's Accomplice Bundle is similar, including, the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Nameless headgear, The Surrealist charm and Fresh Paper weapon skin for the K1A. These two bundles can be bought for 1680 R6 Credits.

The Money Heist tie-in event is live from today and will run until November 25. The game is also free to play on all platforms as of tomorrow through to November 25, so anyone can check out the new event for free over the few days. The game will also be heavily discounted according to Ubisoft, with some editions receiving up to a 70% reduction.

Ubisoft has recently detailed what to expect with its final expansion for Year 4. Operation Shifting Tides adds two new Operators and a map rework. The new Operators are Kali, the head of an Indian private military company who is a medium-speed, medium-armour attacker equipped with a CSRX 300 bolt-action rifle and Wamai, a medium-speed, medium-armour defender from Kenya, equipped with a defensive gadget that deflects projectiles.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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