Sea of Thieves gets Eight New Achievements with The Seabound Soul Update

By Sean Carey,
We have just picked up the achievement list for Sea of Thieves' next free content update, The Seabound Soul. There are eight achievements on The Seabound Soul achievement list worth 75 Gamerscore.

The Seabound Soul update was first revealed at X019 and is released today. It features a new lore focused Tall Tale quest. Players will join Captain Pendragon to uncover the mystery of the feared ship, The Ashen Dragon, and reveal secrets of a new threat. Valuable Ashen Chests have also been added to the game — players will have to battle skeletons on land to find them or take to the seas and follow the firey ship cloud in the sky, to battle it out with the Ashen Fleet. Also with the update comes new firebomb ammo that can easily set ships ablaze. There's a bunch of new cosmetics and emotes added to the Pirate Emporium and some new Pets. Pets are also getting an update to their wardrobe with the Regal and Elegance Sovereign outfits. Players can also make use of a new portable ammo chest that they can take on islands with them, as well as buildable campfires.

There have also been some updates to the Arena. New commendations and cosmetics have been added while the number of maps available in Arena have also been reduced.

The Seabound Soul update is out now.

Sea of Thieves Achievements

Here's the Seabound Soul achievement list:

Name Description Gamerscore
The Seabound Soul Complete The Seabound Soul 10
Fire and Ash Complete all commendations for The Seabound Soul 30
Tome of Curses I Sell the Tome of Curses I. 5
Tome of Curses II Sell the Tome of Curses II. 5
Tome of Curses III Sell the Tome of Curses III. 5
Tome of Curses IV Sell the Tome of Curses IV. 5
Tome of Curses V Sell the Tome of Curses V. 5
Tome of Curses Collector Sell all 5 Tomes of Curses. 10

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Written by Sean Carey
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