Fallen Order Gets its First Patch, Fixing Performance Issues

By Heidi Nicholas,
Star Wars fans were cautious about Respawn's debut Star Wars game. EA has a rocky history of falling out of player favour due to its handling of microtransactions, and some worried whether a game from this particular publisher would do justice to a single-player story set in the Star Wars universe. However, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has released to highly favourable reviews, and players have praised Respawn for the success of Fallen Order, and in particular, the satisfying lightsaber combat. The game even reached no. 15 on our Gameplay Chart despite being only three days old at the time. Respawn have already delivered the game's first PC patch, to address texture, resolution, and loading issues. Since Respawn said at the time that a followup patch for consoles was due out in the same week, we should be seeing it any day now.

Update:An update has been appearing on consoles over the last 24 hours – it's a safe bet that this is the same performance patch released on PC.

Fallen Order

The PC patch has targeted several issues. It's addressed an issue where the game would slow down and take much longer to load than expected, along with an issue for when the input from arrow keys wouldn't respond properly in menus. There's also a fix for the texture flickering issue whilst driving on Kashyyk, and a fix to make sure that the dynamic resolution settings would save properly. Yet it seems that it's the Xbox and PS4 struggling the most, especially if you're playing on Xbox One, not Xbox One X.

For instance, Reddit user Chayes posted about the difficulties they'd been having whilst playing the game. They said they loved it, and were really enjoying it; when it worked well. They were playing on a standard Xbox One, not an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro, and said that they didn't want to have to upgrade to be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played. They praised the story, customisation, combat, exploration, sound design, and art, but said they had trouble with being allowed to appreciate it because of the level of bugs and glitches, causing the game to freeze, crash, for Cal to fall through the floor, for animations that didn't work, audio being out of sync with facial animations, and slow loading. Other players also seem to be having similar issues, according to the Bugs and Known Issues thread on Reddit. Some have experienced problems where the world fails to load the ground quick enough, resulting in Cal falling into pits. The issue can even sometimes stop players from managing to explore entire areas. To be clear, Reddit user Chayes emphasises that they absolutely loved the game, and finished their post by thanking Respawn for such an amazing experience. Other Reddit users replied in the comments to say they hadn't experienced this level of bugs and issues, whilst Respawn Developer F8RGE replied to say that patches "are being worked on".

Fallen Order

Scanning through Reddit, it seems that players are absolutely loving the game, and one of the biggest fan requests now is for a New Game Plus feature, allowing players to start from the beginning with their character progression intact, facing up-scaled enemies.

Are you enjoying Fallen Order? Have you stumbled across any insurmountable bugs? Let us know in the comments!
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